Race Treason
Wednesdays in October
7:00PM at the Landing Strip
Race Treason
10 days ago (Each Wednesday)
The Landing Strip
2614 30th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Located at The Landing Strip, 2614 30th Ave S, Minneapolis.

A race traitor is a white person who fights against the structures of white supremacy. The 2020 George Floyd uprising and its aftermath has made undeniable the already urgent task of thinking through and developing a practice of race treason.

We take as our premise the racial segregation not only of society in general but of how that is reflected in our radical movements and spaces. Rather than seeing this as a moral failure of ourselves or each other, we believe that being attentive and thoughtful to the dynamics of race, racial composition, and the shape of white and non-Black participation in the struggle for liberation can be the foundation for overcoming this arrangement over the long-term.

All are welcome, white and BIPOC alike. All reading materials will be relatively short with varying levels of theoretical density.